Rutile Titanium Dioxide R618 General Economic Use

Product Description:

R618 General Use Economic Rutile Titanium Dioxide is a maximum-durability grade of titanium dioxide recommended for all applications that require extended outdoor service life. R618 General Use

Economic Rutile Titanium Dioxide is a rutile TiO2 pigment manufactured by which produces bright TiO2 with excellent opacity.The high opacity strength and neutral undertone of R618 General Use Economic Rutile Titanium Dioxide provides the best flexibility in matching existing color tint formulas, and produces clean, bright color.On the basis of inorganic coating and special organic treatment, it is again actively treated with unique surface dispersion technology by adding inorganic additives, which reduce the surface force between the particles of rutile titanium dioxide, enhance the powder dry-flow ability, greatly improve the dispersion properties and make it ideally scatter in the medium. Titanium dioxide R618 general use is a high cost-effective product aiming at the demand of market, which has exceptional dispersion, good whiteness, good hiding and tinting strength。


Rutile titanium dioxide pigment R618 general use is a general purpose and economic product, widely used in

industries such as coating, paint, plastics, masterbatch, rubber, ink, leather and paper-making etc.

Applications where R618 General Use Economic Rutile Titanium Dioxide  is of particular value are:
Injection molding, blow molding, and blown film of polyethylene or polypropylene
Rigid interior, flexible, and plastisol PVC, as well as PVC used for composite and sheet flooring
Lead-stabilized PVC systems and nonchalking exterior PVC
Durable exterior polyethylene or polypropylene

Basic Information: 



Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)/Rutile





Color Index

77891, pigment white 6



ASTM D476-84



White powder

Specific gravity

4.1 g/cm3



Technical Specifications(StandardQ/SNBJ1-2012




TiO2 Content (compared with sample) %

not lower than

Color (compared with standard sample)
∆L*(sample- standard sample)

not lower than

Matter volatile at 105ºC %


Matter soluble in water %


Residue on sieve 45µm %


PH of aqueous suspension


Bright (compared with standard sample) %

Close to

Oil absorption g/100g


Tinting strength (compared with standard sample) %




R618 General Use Economic Rutile Titanium Dioxide offers:

    Superior weather resistance
    Outstanding properties in molding and extrusion resins
    Excellent opacity and neutral undertone
    Very high dispersibility in plasticized vinyl, plasticizers, and liquids
    Flocculation resistance
    Good gloss retention
    Resistance to chromaphore formation


25kg paper-plastic compound bag, or as clients' requests offer 500kg/1000kg big woven plastic bag.

Storage and Safety:

The product is a kind of white powder which is safe, nontoxic and harmless. Keep from moisture during transport

and should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place. Avoid breathing duct when handling, and wash with soap &

water in case of skin contact. For more details, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet(titanium dioxide MSDS).