Photocatalyst Nanometer Titanium Dioxide Dispersive Liquid

Photocatalyst nanometer titanium dioxide dispersive liquid nano tio2 uv titanium dioxide is specially designed by our company for the purpose of environment protection.It is the best catalyst characterized by environment pollution degradation,non-toxic,tasteless. Shanghai Jianghu Titanium White is a high-tech enterprise specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling nano-TiO2, photocatalyst suspension, Deodorant, Biocatalyst, Photocatalytic filter and Photocatalytic air purifier and other eco-friendly products.     Nano-TiO2 photocatalyst is a white powder, with strong photocatalytic redox effect and high chemical stability. Under the effect of visible or ultraviolet light, it can oxidize and fully decompose harmful organic pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, dimethylbenzene, ammonia and TVOC, odors, bacteria, viruses and microorganisms into harmless CO2 and H2O. In addition, it has good water affinity and self-cleaning properties and does not cause secondary pollution. Product Description Photocatalyst nanometer titanium dioxide dispersive liquid nano tio2 uv titanium dioxide is specially designed by our company for the purpose of environment protection。It is the best catalyst characterized by environment pollution degradation,non-toxic,tasteless。In the short-wave part,its reflectivity and catalytic activity are higher than rutile type of titanium dioxide dispersive liquid.It is an environment-friendly greening product. Photocatalyst is the compound word of light[Photo=Light]+catalyst.It is the collective name of optical semiconductor materials with photocatalytic functions represented by nano-scale titanium dioxide.It is the most ideal material for management of interior environment pollution in the world at present. Principle Of Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide Photocatalyst nanometer titanium dioxide dispersive liquid nano tio2 uv titanium dioxide Under the irradiation of light,photocatalyst will generate photocatalytic reaction similar to photosynthesis,generate the free hydroxyl and reactive oxygen with extremely strong oxidation ability,with very strong photo-redox functions,which can oxidize and decompose various kinds of organic compounds and some inorganic substances which can damage the cell membranes of bacteria and solidify the virus proteins,kill the bacteria and decompose the organic pollutants,and decompose the organic pollutants into non-polluting water[H2O]and carbon dioxide[CO2],And thus possessing the functions of extremely strong sterilization,deodorization,anti molding,pollution prevention,self-cleaning,removal of formaldehyde and purification of air.                                                                           Photocatalyst nanometer titanium dioxide dispersive liquid nano tio2 uv titanium dioxide,A photocatalyst nanometer titanium dioxide dispersive liquid is a material that functions as a catalyst (alters the rate of a chemical reaction) when exposed to light.It shows "decomposing ability" and "hydrophilic properties" upon exposure to ultraviolet light. Photocatalytic TiO2 Functions Photocatalyst nanometer titanium dioxide dispersive liquid nano tio2 uv titanium dioxide uses ultraviolet rays from natural and artificial light, together with water and oxygen -- all of which are clean energy sources -- to generate an oxidizing effect that decomposes and eliminates harmful organic substances. The oxidizing effect also deodorizes, disinfects, and improves soil resistance. With all these properties, it's no wonder photocatalytic titanium dioxides are finding a wide range of applications today. Shanghai Jianghu Titanium White draws on advanced technology accumulated in many years of manufacturing titanium dioxides to develop superior photocatalytic powders, sol-gel, slurries, and coating agents. Our product line also includes processed products such as granules, deodorizing filters, and beads for a host of applications,high TiO2 concentration, and can harden at room temp, and exhibit high photocatalytic activity and high film hardness Photocatalyst nanometer titanium dioxide dispersive liquid nano tio2 uv titanium dioxide Wide function range:the product breaks the rule that the photocatalyst can play a role only under the light of ultraviolet ray,instead,the product can do well both on the light of ultraviolet ray and visible ray.Antibacterial function :the product can not only kill bacteria, viruses nearly 650 kinds of bacteria ; but also decompose residues of bacteria, viruses by photocatalytic.  





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  Photocatalyst nanometer titanium dioxide dispersive liquid nano tio2 uv titanium dioxide Higher catalytic activity: the catalytic activity of this style is 30 times higher than that of all nano material titanium dioxide in the market with best catalytic activity by comparing and testing. This style can catch and decompose harmful gases in the room such as formaldehyde and benzene and ammonia. And the product has excellent property of photo catalytic and strong oxidation-reduction capacity in the shine of visible lights and UV lights owing to its small particle size and big surface area, it can completely separate poisonous organic gases such as formaldehyde, hydrocarbons,VOC,toluene into CO2andH2O   Photocatalytic TiO2 Applications Decomposing Ability,As it can decompose various organic substances, it removes dirt and odors, as well as reduces the growth of germs.Hydrophilic Properties,The surface easily becomes wet, so when rain water falls on it, the water goes under the dirt and suspends it, and as a result, the dirt can be washed off. There is also an anti-fogging effect. 1.widely used in the field of newly decorated living room, offices, hospitals, clinics, hotels, public places. 2.suitable for top-grade coatingand carpet, walls, wood furniture, leather, plastic, cloth, ceramics and glass. 3.The product can be coated on the surface of engine, exhaust pipe, transformation device of cars to separate CO, nitrogen oxides to reduce pollutants produced by cars. 4.The product can be used in the field of concrete: add some powder of the product in cement to gain concrete, the pollutants in the air will be absorbed on the surface of concrete, then the nano titanium dioxide will do the function of removing the pollutants ,purifying air and sterilization. 5. The product can be used in the field of glass: coating the product on the surface of the glass can get a kind of cleaning glass.The surface of the glass has super hydropholic property after treatment.The property can make water molecule spread out completely and even on the surface of glass.Then the water can completely soak in the glass and carry pollutants out from the glass to keep clean. 6. The product can be used in the field of building material:our product can remove nitrogen oxides and other pollutants on the wall materials.     Usage of Photocatalyst Titanium Dioxide Photocatalyst is used in products of various fields depending upon the effect, as shown in the figure below. It can make the dispersive liquid characterized by excellent UV shield and high SPF value and sunscreen agent of superior UV shielding effect and high SPF value can be produced. * can make transparent film,easily dispersion in medium for general usage * medium is water,and TKC-304 is neutral,so they are adaptable to many substrate. * adaptable to all coating system(ex:Coater,spray,dip.spin,blush) *1 Residue on ignition at 500°C.ammonia gas decomposition * have excellent dispersion stability under dilution by own medium. * have excellent storage stability.aldehyde gas decomposition 1.The product can be made of liquid by adding water, then apply the liquid on the surface of ceramic brick, you can get 1cm nanometer titanium film with the property of killing bacteria after heating in a high temperature. The film can completely kill bacteria on the surface in the light or even the weak light. 2. The product can make sterilization 99%, and the degradative rate of formaldehyde reach to 85% in the sunlight and 4W UV light. 3.Particle size of the product are combined with the surface of ceramic, so the product has strong property of wear resistance and the ceramic is not easy to shed off. Usage Instructions of Photocatalyst Nanometer Titanium Dioxide : Please dissolve 100g powder directly in 20kg pure water or distilled water or deionized water(distilled water is the best), then you can spray the water solution on wall, surface of furniture and inner space of cars. 1 liter of water solution can spay 100-150㎡. Spray method: Application by brush and spray(spray method is the best),clean the tools soon after finishing. Using environment requirement : 1.the environment needs light, lights of ultraviolet bactericidal lamp is ok,if the room has sunlight, you can combine them together 2. Allow plenty of fresh air into the indoor environment   Stroage:the powder should be kept sealed and close, while the liquid should be stored avoiding light. Packing: 1L/pot,25kg or 40kg bareel,subject to the customer’s needs. Notice:Conducting a test before mixing with other powder and liquid to avoid flocculating deposition and precipitation. If you are interested in this product please feel free to contact us!