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Nanometer titanium dioxide slurry(Food Additive Tio2)is a new product that our company developed in recent years. Its key raw material is nanometer titanium dioxide.

Nano Titanium Dioxide Product Description:

In order that Nanometer TiO2(Food Additive Titanium Dioxide Tio2)can disperse nanometer stably and enduringly in the product system, our company adopts state-of-art surface processing and pre-dispersing craftwork to form complete and coriaceous film to cover interface of nanometer TiO2 granulate. By increasing solvent performance and spacious hindrance, it can prevent the nanometer granulate from gathering. At the same time, through sufficient pre-dispersion, nanometer TiO2 is equally divided into the size within the granulate diameter scope we want, like (30-50nm) or (50-80nm) and granulate surface is made to form diffused electric double lay to further ensure stability of the slurry.

Food Additive Nano Tio2 Applications:

This Nano tio2 product is mainly used to add in during emulsification of high-level food and processing of cosmetics.The product includes several levels, price of which vary greatly. To be specific, the degree is limited to be easy to use as required by the customer before booking and placing an order.

Information on ingredients Nano titanium dioxide:

Dispersant media: water;

Perticles size is close to original size.

Uniform and stable disperse system;

High activity and easy to use;

Effective nanometer material properties, effective chemical combination and electriferous surface.

Easy to form membrane, membrane is lubicity and level up with high intensity.

Good sterilization, mould-resistance, and deodorization;

highly efficient resistance to UV and reflection of visible and infrared light


Key performance indexes




White and thin liquid with white light

Solid content (%)


Content of TiO2 (%)


Dispersion medium

Water polyol

Average crystal size (nm)

About 14nm

Average granulate size (nm)


TiO2 in crystal form

Rutile titanium (or anatase titanium)

Viscosity (cp)


Density (g/ml25)


Granulated specific surface area (/g)


Surface treatment

Silicon oxide

Heavy metalppm




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